Rabiyah Sagheer

Artist member since 2020
Oakville, Ontario

Currently studying at OCAD University, Rabiyah Sagheer is a Canadian-Pakistani artist based in Toronto. Her work makes use of a wide range of media from traditional and digital painting, to exploring jewelry design and installation based work. The artist explores themes that surround her, whether personal, social or politically charged. The time and personal experiences in her life play an integral role in the work she creates.

Rabiyah started drawing as a child and went on to paint over the years, continuing to experiment with not only traditional paints, but expanding her skill set by entering into the realm of textiles. This allowed the brand “Rang Bazaar” come to life.

She intends to continue to work and create to establish a name and brand for herself.



Why is art important to you?

Art has always been a means to cope with and understand my feelings. I’ve turned to it in times of difficulty and used it as an outlet. It has always been personal and centered around what I was feeling, going through, and observing around myself.

Favourite medium

My favourite meduim has been watercolors for a really long time. I feel as though it is flexible and can be used in a versatile manner. However, I am always open to experiment with new mediums.

Which piece of art you've created is your favourite, and why?

"Feeling Blue" is one of my favourite works I've created to date. The work was created to cope and unravel past trauma and changes not only physically but also emotionally and menatlly. It was one work that has been extremely personal and close to heart and has helped me work through pain and sadness in a healthy form.

Best season of the year in Toronto

Autumn and Winter

What do you listen to when you work?

I either play Youtube videos, songs or documentaries while working. I like having some sort of background noise.

Select Past Exhibitions

Toronto, ON
First Self, OCADU First Year Self Portraits


Oakville, ON
Rang Bazaar stall with Crossbow miles Canada


Toronto, ON
RAW Artists Toronto


Toronto, ON
Feminist Art Fest, OCADU


Toronto, ON
The Exchange 2020


Canadian Women’s Foundation


AIK Atelier


OCAD University
BFA Drawing and Painting

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