Reflections (Doll Series)

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This painting is part of my "Doll Series". The general concept behind the doll series revolves around the theme of my fear of dolls, clowns, puppets, and stuffed toys in general. Instead of taking a basic approach to the topic, I have visually portrayed this topic in a completely different light with the help of multiple interesting compositions and ideas. I have completely integrated my fears into my daily life and other interests to help form this unique series. This series consists of 5 paintings that display a wide range of media and concepts. In this particular painting, I have incorporated dolls that I purchased from an old local market called "Saddar". I then painted on top of these dolls with layers of glycerin and red paint to give a wet bloody look. This painting has slight elements of Gothic horror incorporated in it. It was completed using watercolors, acrylics, soft pastels, and colored pointers.

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