In the midst of fear (Doll Series)

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This particular painting is part of my "Doll Series". The inspiration for this painting was taken from a Japanese doll game known as "One man hide and seek". One of the steps in the game requires you to sow the doll with a crimson thread that represents blood vessels and helps bind the spirit to the doll and seal it. Further developing on this particular step and taking compositional help from the paintings of Tom Sierak: "The Audition", "The Welcoming Committee", I came up with this painting.

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About the artist
About the artist

Rabiyah Sagheer

Rabiyah Sagheer

Currently studying at OCAD University, Rabiyah Sagheer is a Canadian-Pakistani artist based in Toronto. Her work makes use of a wide range of media from traditional and digital painting, to exploring jewelry design and installation based work. The artist explores themes that surround her, whether pe, ... View full profile

Oakville, Ontario
Partial artist since 2020

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